We are in an age where much of our life is played out online. From the weekly grocery shop to ordering taxis and catching up with mates, it is no secret that we are glued to our smartphones.

This is why when we do venture out and attend events in the flesh, indulging in a bit of good old-fashioned customer service is a must.

If you are currently planning an event such as a corporate do or wedding reception, it is worth knowing what guests will expect from the event’s staff. This is why today, we share a few expectations of modern drinkers, detailing what they want to see and experience when venturing to the bar.


Modern drinkers are obsessed with adding to their knowledge, looking at Bartenders as a source of inspiration. This is why at your bar, you must ensure all staff members boast knowledge of the drinks they are serving. From suggesting drinks to suit their needs to knowing the origins of spirits, wines and beers, having clued up bartenders is a must.

Local produce

As you will have noticed, as a nation, we are enjoying local produce more than ever. Eager to celebrate and explore local gin distillers, brewers and winemakers, drinkers will need their bartenders to be equipped with British products.


Wanting to feel welcome and comfortable when attending the bar, drinkers are always looking for a friendly service from a bartender that cares. So, when manning your bar, ensure big smiles and a courteous serving nature.

Bar and staff hire

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