Bar Hire Packages

Welcome to our Bar Package Selector, where discovering the ideal solution for your requirements is as simple as 1-2-3. Recognising the uniqueness of each customer, we've designed a concise three-step process to guide you seamlessly through our range of package options. First, select if you would like a wet bar or a dry bar:

Mobile Bar Hire

Wet Bar Hire:

Wet bar hire typically refers to the service of renting a fully equipped mobile bar for events or gatherings. The term "wet bar" implies that the bar is stocked with various beverages, including alcoholic drinks, and includes facilities for mixing and serving drinks.
In a nutshell we supply everything you need to host the perfect event as well as staff the bar for you.

Dry Bar Hire:

Dry bar hire refers to the rental of a mobile bar setup without the inclusion of alcoholic beverages. A dry bar provides the physical structure and equipment for serving beverages, but it is up to you, the event organiser(s) or attendees to supply their choice of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.
In a nutshell we supply everything you need BUT you manage the bar yourself.

Our Clients

A handful of clients we have worked with: