Matthew Clark know how to throw a party and their Drinks Emporium was their best yet! Yesterday (28th Feb 2017) we headed down to Tobacco Dock in London to sample a large variety of wines, spirits and beers. We chatted latest trends and made great friends from great businesses.

Once we entered the Drinks Emporium we were met by a superbly dressed entrance hall. The event was circus themed and we were welcomed by a ring master and led into the first of several wine-based rooms. Having provided Matthew Clark with our 6m diameter circular LED bar, we made our way to the room which housed it to take a look first hand – it worked superbly with the venue design and décor and was surrounded by enthusiastic hospitality businessmen and women smelling, swirling and sipping on an eclectic array of wines from around the globe.

The Drinks Emporium showcased worldwide varieties of wine, spirits and beer.

Adding to the feel of the day were free popcorn and candy floss stands which kept thirsty event-goers ticking over along with a range of street food pop-ups also available which we unfortunately didn’t get time to visit!

The main purpose of our visit was to find a new and unique beer from Matthew Clark’s Boutique Beers range. The location for these tastings was downstairs in a small L-shaped room packed from end to end with breweries both big and small with a large enough selection to class this room as a mini beer-festival alone!

Having tested a range of IPA’s, wheat beers, lagers and Belgian blondes, we had enough info to go with. However, on our way out of the Drinks Emporium we stumbled upon a room adorned with Bud Light branding and we enquired as to why it wasn’t open. After being told the launch of Bud Light was to begin at 5pm, we decided to stay and see what the outcome would be!

At 5pm sharp, the doors opened and what was inside was incredible. A blue room with a DJ and dance floor, photobooth, ping pong table and a bar with several draught beer taps. Everyone lucky enough to get inside was given a free hat, t-shirt and pint of Bud Light.

Vedett had their IPA, Blond and White on tap

The Bud Light launch was the perfect way to end a fun and informative day. Next time Matthew Clark throw a Drinks Emporium, we’re sure to be there.

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