Whether you have hired a mobile bar for a party at the house or run the local watering hole, you will want your bar to be the epitome of modernity. So, if you are looking to serve more than your average pint of lager and a few bottles of Sauv, it is worth digging deeper into what people are after when it’s their round.

Here at Mobile Bar Hire, it is our job to know what drinks are on trend. Below, we share a few ideas that will go a long way in turning your bar from standard to outstanding!

Flavoured gin

Flavoured gin is all the rage of late, with local and international distillers experimenting with various fruits and herbs to infuse their gins. And, with a country full of gin-lovers, they are always eager to try new things. This is why your bar should boast a vast selection of gin; both traditional and flavoured.

Below are a few gin types we have enjoyed serving over the past few months:


No-alcohol beer

As a nation that is becoming increasingly health-conscious, low-and no-alcohol drinks are much more in demand. From the growing community of people going teetotal to people wanting to swerve the calories drinks like beer and wine include, there are many reasons people are steering clear of the booze.

As a result, the low and zero-alcohol beer market is growing by the day, with big brands such as Heineken, Coors and Kopperberg all launching new, boozeless products.

So, if you want your drinks list to be on-trend and relevant, serving alternative beer is a must.


No night out is complete without a glass of fizz. Being a drink synonymous with celebration, Prosecco is now one of the most-ordered drinks at bars. Being refreshing, light and relatively cheap when compared to champagne, it is easy to see why.

Mobile bar hire

If you are looking to hire a bar for an event or for a bash you are throwing at home, be sure to explore our exquisite range today. What’s more is that we can create bespoke drinks packages to ensure you have a great selection of high-quality drinks to serve.

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