Whether you are throwing the office annual bash or celebrating a new contract, office parties must be planned to perfection. Having built, served at and served at our fair share of bars, we have below details our top tips for office parties.

Cocktail making equipment

As a celebratory event, office parties often call for something a little more exciting that your usual pub tipple. Over the years, we have found cocktails to work well particularly well, showing staff members that they work for a company that geos the extra mile.


For large team, a bar with a beer pump or two is essential A new piece of research showed that 60% of UK partygoers start off their night with a humble pint of larger. By incorporating pumps into your office party bar, you will simply be catering to the masses! Well, you can’t go wrong with a pint can you?


Though a bit of an obvious one, it’s important that you don’t forget ice! As the base for many cocktail, the addition to classics such as G&T and wine spritzer, an ice-less event can be a rea let down.


As an event that usually goes on into the early hours, many start to move away from pints and wine and explore the shorts. In our experience, stocking the following is a must:

  • Whiskey
  • Brandy
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Rum

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