As our name suggests, at Mobile Bar Hire, we specialise in bar rental, sharing all sorts of bar set-ups with customers across the world.

Wanting our customers to enjoy our products without breaking the bank, we are keen to promote the advantages to hiring over buying. So, if you are looking for a new bar counter for your home or professional establishment, below are a few reasons why you should be considering hiring.

You can have the bar counter for as long as you want and need

If you have a bar that gets incredibly busy during the summer months, then forking out thousands for a new bar counter just for the season seems a bit daft, right? This is where hiring can benefit, allowing you to hire a bar for a predetermined period of time. So, whether you require a bar for a night, week, month or a year, you can hire one for that exact amount of time.

Hiring a bar means it can be delivered and retrieved

The headache of shopping around for a new bar and hiring a van to pick it up is one nobody needs. By hiring, those stresses are removed, with the Mobile Bar Hire team delivering and retrieving your bar at a time and date you want.

Pick from a range of designs

Rental bars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, meaning you can choose from an array of designs that will complement its surroundings.

Popular options you can rent through us include:

  • Mirrored bars
  • Tiki bars
  • Circular bars
  • All-black bars
  • Festival-style bars
  • Wedding bars
  • Glass-covered bars
  • And much more

Request a quote for bar counter hire

Are you in the market for a rental bar? If so, contact us at the office. We can then discuss the many options available to you, coming up with the best possible solution.

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