Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, romance and in many cases, divine drinks. With Champagne and cocktails often on the menu on February 14th, fine drinks play a key role on the most romantic day of the year.  

This is why at Mobile Bar Hire, we are receiving more and more calls for Valentine’s Day bar hire, with both commercial and private customers wanting to serve delicious drinks on V Day.  

Hire a bar for your home this Valentine’s Day  

If you have a special, romantic night in planned for your other half, then hiring a bar for your home is a great idea! Ensuring your romantic side is well and truly celebrated, you can serve that special someone romantic drinks, giving them the attention they so rightly deserve.  

Putting the effort in to wow them on Valentine’s Day, you will see your brownie points racking up before your very eyes!  

What’s more is that we can stock the bar with drink predetermined by you. And, if you want to really put on a show, you can tap into our bartender hire service, renting a professional mixologist to serve you and your partner at home.  

Commercial bar hire for February 14th  

In addition to hiring out bars for private parties at the home, we also work with various brands wanting to invest in pop-up bars for big promotions. So, if you are running an event this V Day that would benefit from a high-quality, functional bar, we can help.  

Below are just a few variations we can offer:  

  • Mirrored bars 
  • Chesterfield bars  
  • Grass-covered bars  
  • LED-lit bars  
  • Cocktail bars  
  • Ice bars  
  • Dry bars  
  • Gold bars  
  • Circular bars  
  • Tiki bars  
  • And much more  

Get a quote for Valentine’s Day Bar hire  

Wish to learn more about hiring a bar through us? If so, we would be glad to talk you through the process. Contact one of our sales team today for an informal chat.  

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