Here at Mobile Bar Hire, we are thrilled to be offering various options for the dispensing of draught beer, offering a range of draught beer hire possibilities for all sorts of customers. Whilst catering to those hiring bars at home, big event in large venues and even weddings, we are receiving more and more calls for draught beer hire solutions for festivals.

With new festivals popping up all over the country, the need to serve real pint from draught is only increasing.

If this is something you are looking into, we have two draught beer hire systems you can explore:

Pub Style Beer Setup

Want to offer all the charms of a real bar but at your festival venue? If so, then it is certainly worth considering our Pub Style Beer Setup; a service that is highly in demand amongst festival organisers. Consisting of a beer cooler, pipes, gas cylinder and of course the all-important beer taps, these setups are the real deal! What’s more is that they can serve lagers, bitters, stout, pimms, prosecco, and cider via draught!

Mobile Draught Dispensing Unit

Suited for more intimate affairs, the Mobile Draught Dispensing Unit is a bar on wheels that has built-in taps. Perfectly housing the kegs, bar, gas and cooler all in one, these units can be used anywhere with ease.

Other services available through Mobile Bar Hire

In addition to draught beer hire systems, you can also source the following through us for your festival:

  • Glassware
  • Drinks packages
  • Bartender hire
  • Cocktail bars
  • Bar tidies and optics
  • And much more

For more details on any of our services or products, contact us today. From here, we can advise on the best solutions for you, focusing on your festival’s requirements as well as your budget.

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