As you may know, at Mobile Bar Hire, in addition to supplying bar rental, we also offer bartender hire; a service that is becoming incredibly popular across the UK. This is why many of our blog readers are Bartenders, visiting our website to access mixology tips and stay abreast the changing trends modern drinkers are embracing.

Today, we share the top tools of the trade. These are the things we believe you need to turn your cocktails from good, to unbelievably great.

A good-quality shaker

Almost every cocktail recipe you come across will require some sort of shaking in order to complete it. This is why every Bartender should own a high-quality cocktail shaker; one made of a sturdy metal that can withhold vigorous shaking.

A sieve

Again, the majority of recipes you will follow will ask you to muddle this and that before sieving the mixture into a glass. Retaining all the flavour while riding of pips, herbs, pith and the likes, a good sieve is the measure of a great bartender.


Modern mixologists are passionate about utilising fresh fruits and ingredients. As a result, we are seeing barkeepers juicing oranges, lemons, grapefruits, pomegranates and much more.

If you wish to be the best bartender you possibly can, then you will need a good juicer; one that can successfully extract as much fruity goodness as possible.

Instagram skills

While mixing up drinks and serving customers with a smile is a must, being able to promote your creations is equally as important. This is why many Bartenders are getting to grips with Instagram; the perfect social tool to celebrate bartending talents.

The right bar!

If you are a bartender wanting to exercise your skills at a professional, functional bar, then we at Mobile Bar Hire can help. Offering both bar rental services as well as building bespoke bars for purchase, we will be sure to provide you with the bar solution you desire.

Contact us today for more details and a breakdown of what we can offer you.

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