Bar Staff Hire

Here at Mobile Bar Hire, we understand that getting up every 5 minutes to get your guests another drink can sometimes ruin the whole experience of your event. It is not only tiring but also means that you get less time socialising with your guests. That’s why we give you the chance to hire our different types of bar staff.

Regular Bar Staff:

  • Our regular bar staff have an incredible amount of knowledge on all of your favourite beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks.
  • Regular bar staff look exceedingly smart when it comes down to their appearance whilst also remaining professional and polite.
  • They are extremely efficient, keep the bar counter clean and tidy as well as help to minimise queues at the bar.
Regular Bar Staff
Cocktail Mixologists

Cocktail Mixologists:

  • Our mixologists are simply fabulous at what they do. They will impress your guests with delicious cocktails for the duration of your event.
  • Our mixologists know their drinks better than they know themselves therefore they well and truly push the limits of what mixed drinks can be.
  • All of our mixologists look incredibly smart and keep their work area looking spotless.

Cocktail Flairers:

  • Our cocktail flairers aren’t just bar staff, they’re also an exciting act for your guests to watch.
  • Let your guests watch in awe as our cocktail flairers create mouth-watering drinks while flipping cocktail shakers, balancing bottles and much more!
  • Cocktail flairers work with any type of event, however, they work very well with intimate venues.
Cocktail Flairers
Waiting Staff

Waiting Staff:

  • Mobile Bar Hire’s waiting staff are there to provide you with a hassle free event.
  • Allow our polite and well-presented waiting staff to hand out drinks to your guests in style.
  • Every single one of your guests will be in good hands with our waiting staff.

Enquire today about our different types of staff for your event so that you can sit back and relax! Our team and our company take great pride in what we do, our business is ensuring that your event meets and beats your expectations.

Our Clients

A handful of clients we have worked with: