The Mobile Bar Hire team are passionate about putting on modern events, wanting to accommodate all types of drinkers with experiences that they will find hard to forget. However, over the past few months, we have noticed a growing interest in the drink Aperol.

This is an Italian aperitif created from a host of wonderful ingredients. Prominent flavours include gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona, making it the perfect drink for the summertime. As a drink that has been adopted wholeheartedly by the Millennial generation, drinks such as the Aperol Spritz and the Aperol Cosmopolitan are becoming much in demand at bars across the country.

This is why at Mobile Bar Hire, we are receiving more calls for Aperol Bar Hire.

What is Aperol Bar Hire?

In a nutshell, Aperol Bar Hire is a bar that exclusively serves Aperol and nothing else. Putting the drink on a pedestal, Aperol bars allow guests to indulge in the drink and really explore its deep flavours.

Top events for Aperol Bar Hire

Providing bar solutions for all types of events and celebrations, we get to see what types of drinks do and do not work at certain events. Below are the top types of events we have found Aperol Bar Hire to complement well:

• Weddings
• Engagement parties
• Prom celebrations
• Graduation parties
• Birthday parties
• Festivals
• Concerts
• Award ceremonies
• Corporate events

As well as providing the all-important bar counter, fridges and equipment, we can also supply glassware and the bartenders to serve on the night. So, if you are looking to serve scrumptious Aperol cocktails and mixtures at an upcoming do, we can certainly help.

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