At Christmas, everyone tends to get a little creative with their drinks, ditching the humble pint for something with a bit more of a punch. This is why during December, the bourbon is cracked open, with the ‘good stuff’ always reserved for the festivities.  

Eager to give this awesome drink the platform it deserves, we today explore 5 creative ways to serve the drink this Christmas.  

The Old Fashioned  

The Old Fashioned is by far the most iconic Bourbon cocktail, being a scrumptious drink that puts whisky centre stage.  

To create the drink, you will need to mix the following ingredients together: 

  • Bourbon whiskey
  • bitters 
  • plain water 
  • A twist of orange

The Brooklyn  

While you may be more aware of the Manhattan cocktail, hopefully after this Christmas, the Brooklyn will be a new festive favourite. But we will warn you, this is not a cocktail for the faint-hearted. To mix the drink, you will need  

  • Maraschino cherry
  • bourbon 
  • vermouth 
  • maraschino liqueur 

Bourbon Mint Julip  

Bourbon and mint go together like gin and tonic; fish and chips! For this reason, we just love creating Bourbon Mint Julips for our customers, giving them cocktails that can tantalise the taste buds. Below is the classic recipe:  

For the drink, you will need just 4 ingredients. These are: 

  • Fresh mint 
  • Water 
  • Bulleit Bourbon 
  • sugar 

To make the drink, muddle all of the above together, strain and serve in a chilled highball.  

Hot Toddy  

Fancy something to warm up the cockles this Christmas? Well, if that’s the case, a classic Hot Toddy will do the trick. Renowned for blowing the winter’s cobwebs away, The Hot Toddy is just divine. Bring the following to the boil and simmer to make the drink. Remember to strain before serving:  

  • bourbon 
  • honey 
  • lemon juice 
  • hot water 
  • tea

So, that concludes our list. Let us know what you will be serving at your home bar by leaving your comments below.  

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