Wedding planning is tedious, confusing and in many cases, stressful, often having a negative impact on what is meant to be the most exciting, memorable time of your life. Eager to dispel of the conventional wedding-planning woes, we at Mobile Bar Hire work hard to make wedding bar-planning a doddle. This is why today; we detail the top wedding bar options you can explore as well as many other add-ons you can utilise for your big day.

Circular bars

If hiring a large venue, a large wedding bar is needed for obvious reasons. This is why we are keen to promote our circular bars. These are bars able to enhance the rooms in which they sit, making for eye-catching props that can complement your decor. From mirrored bar designs to suit modern affairs to leather-adorned counters to give that old English look, our circular bar hire options are endless.
Rustic-looking bars

Perfect for outdoor weddings and celebrations working with throwback or vintage themes, our rustic bars make a great impact. Made from wood and able to be built to your custom dimensions, these bars are the pinnacle of modern wedding bar hire.

Ice bars

High-end weddings and ice sculptures go hand-in-hand. However, in our opinion, they are a pretty pointless expense, created purely for their aesthetics. For this reason, we love ice bars; bars that offer all the beauty of gleaming ice with a fully-functioning bar attached!

All-black bars

Fancy something a little sleeker and more sophisticated? If so, then our range of all-black bars may be worth consideration. These are particularly popular amongst young couples in city venues.

Other popular wedding bar designs include:

  • Chesterfield bars
  • LED-lit bars
  • Backlit bars
  • Square bars
  • Lawn bars
  • Mirrored bars
  • Tiki bars

Quotes for mobile bar

If you would like for one of our sales advisers to create you a bespoke quote for wedding bar hire, get in touch. Having hired out bars for thousands of weddings, we are confident we can make your wedding dreams a reality.

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