London is one of the most amazing and diverse cities in the world and the venues within it are no different. Venue 28 in Beckenham is an awe inspiring building located in idyllic surroundings which accommodates a range of events from birthday parties to corporate functions. One of the main uses for the venue is for doting Venue 28 Wedding Bar Rental couples to tie the knot with a range of services available including 5 star catering, entertainment and our new service, Venue 28 Wedding Bar Rental.

With Venue 28 Wedding Bar Rental, you will be receiving a five-star service from the UK’s leading provider of portable bar services in a location that is a tranquil area within a thriving local community. Mobile Bar Hire will provide a cash bar, free bar or mixture of both for your special day which will not only include our well trained bartenders but an extensive list of beverages which will give your guests a large number of choice when it comes to choosing their tipple.

The bartenders which are provided within our Venue 28 Wedding Bar Rental service are of the highest quality and have been trained to handle the bar service with ease. Whether they are pouring a draught pint, measuring out a spirit and mixer or chatting away to your wedding guests, our bartenders will ensure the smooth running of your drinks provisioning.

No Venue 28 Wedding Bar Rental package would be complete without a drinks list to match the incredible venue. This is why we here at Mobile Bar Hire offer an extensive range of draught beers, wines, premium spirits and soft drinks to ensure your wedding guests are spoilt for choice. If you have any special requests for that drink which will make your wedding day extra special, we will work our hardest to source it for you.

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