The 1980s saw big hair, huge shoulder pads, bold makeup, and certainly was a time of excess and fun. These additions made the era hugely popular when it came to parties and events, so why not add a touch of the 80s into your upcoming event in order to inject a sense of excitement and nostalgia to the occasion. Below are our top tips on exactly how to do so.


If you are hosting a 1980s themed party, then you should certainly take note from the flamboyant era and its fashion. During the 1980s pop culture hit its peak with stars such as Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson and Madonna all leading in the style stakes. You should take note of their style and purchase some neon, lace and bold patterns to wear to the party. Think front pleated trousers, pastel coloured blazers and upturned collars. If you do opt for this dress code for your party, you are guaranteed to have something to talk about with your guests. Plus, you will certainly have a lot of memorable/laughable photographs to look back on.


The list of 1980s music is pretty memorable with the best selling albums of the time being, Michael Jackson’s- Bad (1987), Madonna- True Blue (1986) and Kylie Minogue’s self-titled album in 1988. Whether you are planning on hosting a small or large 80s themes party, you should certainly put together an 80s themed Spotify playlist. Your guests are guaranteed to love it and dance until bed time.


If you want to have a memorable 80s themed party, then you should certainly have some food and drink to take your guests down memory lane. You should organise some culinary buffet classics such as cheese and pineapple sticks, prawn cocktails, scampi and trifle. Plus, you should serve brightly coloured liquors like Blue Curaco and grenadine to match the bright décor. Also try to include a creamy drink such as the Pina Colada. Also having a Soda Stream at the bar serving soft drinks is a great option for non-drinkers.
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