While September seems a relatively dull month of getting back to work and school, it can be far from that. We think the four sluggish weeks are an ideal time to have a party. Here’s why:

Post-Holiday Blues

Holidays are the best and most relaxed few weeks of the year. After months of planning, sunning yourself on a beach is the perfect way to unwind. But it feels like they come and go so quickly that you long for the white sand underneath your feet. Beat these blues by hosting a party and make sure to have the alcohol flowing!

It’s Dark and Cold Outside

The chill in the air is not for everyone, especially those who have to work outside, or commute in the cold. The weekends can seem unbelievably uneventful as there’s nothing to do outside in low temperatures. Avoid the cold by having a party with your nearest and dearest. Dance the night away and you’ll soon forget the looming winter!

Spice up September

Unless your lucky enough to have a birthday this month, September can seem, dare we say it, quite dull. Easter is long gone, the Christmas hype hasn’t even started and Summer is merely a distant memory. Spice this up by having a do to celebrate the lack of excitement. You could even host in aid of a charity to raise some money for a great cause!

Back to Work

The 9-5 can seem super repetitive now you’re back in the swing of work. Put some buzz into your week with an end-of-week party. Your work colleagues will appreciate a chance to let their hair down and have a drink or two! The monotonous week will whiz by as you all prepare for an exciting weekend ahead.

Whatever the reason, we believe there is no better time than the present to have a party! Hire our top of the range bars today to impress all your friends this month!

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