Whether 12 years old and want to go trick or treating with mates or a full blown grown up and are a sucker for the supernatural, Halloween will no doubt appeal to you. In fact, after America, the UK is the biggest celebrators of Halloween, with most hosting house parties and inviting friends, family and neighbours into their homes on October 31st.

Here at Mobile Bar Hire, we are true fans of this scary event, supplying mobile bars to house parties and venues to enhance the Halloween celebrations.

This is why we have a real understanding of what drinks work on October 31st.

Below we give our recommendations, giving our readers some ideas on what drinks to serve on this frightful night.

G, T & B

An event like this always encourages us to rethink classic drinks, with the humble G&T always susceptible to being tweaked.

On Halloween, we recommend serving gin and tonic with the addiction of some fake blood. Simply trickle some down the outside of the glass to give this classic drink a frightful edge.

Pumpkin punch

No Halloween bash is complete without a pumpkin; fact! This is why at Halloween parties it’s not uncommon to see people using these orange veggies as punch bowls.

Below are a few cocktails you could fill your unique punch bowl with:

  • Sangria
  • Margaritas
  • Mojitos
  • Sex on the Beach
  • Black vodka

Halloween is about celebrating all that is dark and mysterious in the world. This is why drinks that are dark in colour work so well.

Black vodka is a particular favourite of ours, looking the part served straight and over rocks in a tumbler.

Beer served in chalices

A chalice is a sort of glassware that suits Halloween celebrations rather well due to its old world, religious associations.

So, if you want to serve spooky-looking drinks but just want to drink a good old fashioned beer, get creative with glassware.

Bar hire for Halloween

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