As you will have noticed from many of our blogs, we are true fans of the classic gin and tonic cocktail; a drink that is famous across the globe for its simplistic, delicious nature.

Though having been drunk for centuries, the drink has received a new lease of life over the past few years, with the Millennial group purchasing far more gin than any other generation.

This has led to gin and tonic as a flavour being used in various products. Today, we look at a few of the most wonderfully bizarre G&T products for gin-lovers to enjoy.

Gin and Tonic Muller Yoghurt

Muller Lights are the king of healthy yogurts, always launching new and exciting flavours to keep the health conscious happy.

Now, the yoghurt brand has launched a G&T flavour product that is splitting the opinion of dairy fans across the country.

Gin and tonic Kit Kat

In life there is only one thing better than chocolate and that chocolate with gin in!

While not the first gin-laced choccy in the world, Kit Kat’s G&T chocolate is the first gin chocolate to come from such a mainstream brand. Again, this chocolate brand is dividing people online.

One reviewer referred to the chocolate as ‘scrumptious’ where another branded it ‘totally disgusting’.

Gin and Tonic Mince Pies

With Christmas around the corner, most of us are going aisle to aisle looking for delicious foods to enjoy with friends and family during the festive season.

But, will gin and tonic mince pies be on your shopping list? Sold in Aldi, these pies are a creative take on the classic Christmas treat.

Gin bars

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