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Terms & Conditions of Hire

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1.Bookings may not be made by or in the name of any persons under the age of eighteen years of age.

2.The booking is a written contract and is made with the person named on the booking form.

3.A booking is only finalised when a booking form is complete and full payment is made to MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD, subject to agreement.

4.A booking form must be signed and named to be accepted as complete by MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD.

5.RAMS and insurance documents will not be provided to the hirer until the booking is confirmed by completion of a booking form and payment of a deposit.

6.If a deposit does not apply, the full amount would need to be taken.

7.Hiring charges shall be those from time to time determined by the management. In relation to a specific booking the charges shall be those ruling at the date of use.

8.The balance of the charges is payable not later than 28 days before the date of hire.

9.Payment after the event is only permitted if it has been agreed with a member of the Mobile Bar Hire Management Team a minimum of 10 working days before the event date.

10.The refundable deposit will be refunded within 7-10 working days after the booking date if it is deemed refundable.

11.It is the responsibility of the hiree that electricity is available so that the equipment can be tested.

12.Any extensions cords and power required shall be provided by the hirer.

13.Notice of Cancellation by the hirer less than 60 working days of the date shall incur the forfeiture of the total hire charge or deposit paid, whichever is greater.

14.For long term hire once delivered, if the equipment is to be returned before the agreed collection date by choice of the client, this will not result in any reimbursement of money.

15.The hirer shall be responsible for the return of the equipment in the same manner as received.

16.Any property damaged by the hirer shall incur a charge. This charge shall be based upon the market value determined by MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD management.

17.All equipment needs to be returned in the same manner as it was delivered. Clean, tidy and free from any scratches and chips or dents etc. The person signing for the goods shall be expected to check the goods for which they are signing. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure a representative of theirs is on site to take delivery of the goods.

18.Delivery Time – Delivery and collection by Mobile Bar Hire Ltd shall take place between 10am to 5pm Monday to Sunday. Any deliveries or bookings outside of these hours shall have an additional charge determined by MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD management.

19.For delivery and collection by 3rd party couriers, delivery and collection can take place Monday to Saturday between 8am to 6pm. Subject to change depend on the courier and goods being delivered/collected.

20.All information regarding logistics (loading, parking, access, stairs, lift) of the delivery venue must be in full and accurate when stated on the booking form or by email. If delivery is delayed due to an unstated logistic, MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD are not to be held responsible for any charges incurred by the hirer due to a delayed delivery time.

21.Deliveries to any congestion zones during congestion times will have the congestion charge passed onto the hirer.

22.Mobile bar hire shall give the client a morning or afternoon delivery time slot. If specific delivery times are required, this may incur an additional charge.

23.Upon the arrival of MBH staff to the event (address on booking form) if MBH are unable to deliver or set up the equipment hired due to a delay from the hirer (irrespective of weather, communication problem with the hirer or otherwise) an additional charge of a minimum of £50 + vat per hour shall be charged (without notice) for a maximum waiting time of 1.5 hours. If delivery/set up is still unable to take place, the hirer shall have to book another delivery slot with an additional delivery charge.

24.Collections after midnight shall incur an additional charge deemed by the MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD management team.

25.If the delivery team are running late for the allocated delivery slot, every attempt shall be made to contact the hirer with an update every 30 minutes from the MBH team. MBH are not to be held responsible for any charges incurred by the hirer due to a delayed delivery time.

26.Replacements of damaged goods – If goods are required to be replaced, the client shall be charged in accordance with the market replacement cost at the time of MBH receiving the goods back.

27.MBH Logo – The company logo is on most of the products which we hire out for events. This logo is part of the product and so SHOULD NOT be removed or damaged. If this is the case then the client may face an additional charge.

28.The hirer is NOT permitted to cover the hired equipment with any substance which may, when removed, damage the hired equipment. If this takes place without written consent being given by MBH, this will incur an additional cost.

29.The management reserves the right at their absolute discretion to refuse a booking if they consider it to be against the interest of local residents or the public at large.

30.The management reserves the right to display their logo and advertising material on the bar or backing as they feel fit.

31.By opting in to the Mobile Bar Hire mailing list, you are agreeing to receive regular updates on news and offers.

32.All equipment hired out by Mobile Bar Hire will incorporate some small Mobile Bar Hire branding.

33.The management has the necessary public liability insurance.

34.Where MBH Ltd is providing only the equipment a refundable deposit of £200.00 will be required (which shall be refunded within 7-10 working days after collection date).

35.There will be charge for Delivery, Collection and Set Up.

36.Payment is to be made to MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD.

37.If logistics are difficult e.g. stairs and there is no way around it e.g. lift, loading bay, an additional charge on top of the already quoted fee may be incurred.

38.If difficult logistics are not stated on the booking form and/or the delivery sheet but are present at the venue then an additional charge may be occurred on the day of the event.

39.If parking is not stated on the delivery sheet and a parking penalty notice is issued to one of Mobile Bar Hire Ltd’s vehicles, the charge of the fine will be passed on to couriers.

40.If there is no free on site parking and our delivery vehicle(s) have to been parked in a pay to park area, a minimum charge of £5 plus VAT per hour shall be applied.

41.All bar equipment is rental and therefore may have general wear and tear such as scuff marks.

42.A cleaning charge of 10% minimum of the total hire charge not including delivery and refundable deposit will be applied to all bookings.

43.The hirer will advise MBH of a delivery and collection date. However, timed delivery and collection will incur an additional charge.

44.All equipment provided by MBH is fully tested on site once delivered. If this equipment becomes faulty, MBH takes no responsibility as the equipment was working when MBH were on site. If MBH cannot test the product due to no access to location or additional equipment (such as kegs) due to be supplied by the clients not being available, MBH do not accept responsibility for faulty equipment. An additional charge may be incurred for a technician to rectify the problem.

45.Mobile Bar Hire do not accept sale and return of kegs and casks under any circumstance(s).

46.The cap on the kegs may be taken off by Mobile Hire to ensure the coupler fitting on dispensers is correct. Mobile Bar Hire ensure the keg will be unopened and fresh when sent out by courier or collected from our warehouse.

47.Once the client confirms the location within the venue of where the bar is to be set up and the set up is finalised. The bar can only be moved for an additional fee of a minimum of £50 plus VAT per hour, per member of staff.

48.When refunding a hirer who has paid by debit card but will be refunded onto a credit card, a £1 charge will be debited from the refundable amount.

49.If a full refund is to be made due to cancellation outside of the 45 working day for Notice of Cancellation and the balance has been paid by credit card, the 3% charge which was incurred for using this payment method will not be refunded.

50.If all or part payment is to be made by BACS, the invoice number must be quoted as a reference. If this is not quoted then your payment cannot be allocated to your event and will still be classed as outstanding.

51.Abusive or aggressive behavior (deemed so by manager on the day) will not be tolerated towards any of our staff. If such behavior is directed towards our staff members by the hirer, contractor, subcontractor or similar, Mobile Bar Hire Ltd retain the right to remove the bar from the premises with immediate effect with the forfeit of the total hire fee from the hirer. This may be carried out when guests are on site.

52.If a bar is delivered with cloth covers to protect the exterior, these must be returned with the bar. If they are not returned with the bar, a £25 + vat charge per sheet will be incurred.

53.If a hirer has requested graphics for their bar front, these will be kept for up to 14 days after the event before being discarded. Any subsequent hires outside of these 14 days would require the hirer to purchase more branding.

54.Any artwork must be sent to MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD in the file format of EPS and must be sent and received 18 working days before the delivery date.

55.The customer has the option of keeping any unopened or unfinished kegs.

56.If any unopened or unfinished kegs are returned to Party Keg Hire and the customer wants to have them back, the customer will have to pay for an additional delivery fee or arrange collection of the keg(s).

57.Any artwork given to MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD that needs to be adjusted by the MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD graphics and design team shall incur an additional charge that will be determined by the MOBILE BAR HIRE LTD management team.

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