Oktoberfest is growing in popularity as beer enthusiasts from throughout the world flood to Bavaria to celebrate in style with Oompah bands, Bratwurst and of course 1 litre steins of beer! Germany has a long history of brewing great beer and the five breweries present at Oktoberfest brew all of their beers within the Bavarian purity law which includes aspects such as only the finest ingredients can be used. The large increase in popularity of the Bavarian Oktoberfest has led to an increase in event organisers in the UK looking to put on their own version! However, it can be very difficult to obtain the correct glassware to serve Stein Glass Hire Kentyour German beer in which is why we at Mobile Bar Hire are pleased to introduce our Stein Glass Hire Kent service!

When organising your Oktoberfest party in Kent, there are several things which you must think about when it comes to ensuring an authentic Bavarian night for you and your friends. These include German and Bavarian flags, traditional Oompah music, bratwurst & pretzels as well as great German beer served in a 1 litre stein glass! Our Stein Glass Hire Kent service includes 1 litre steins which are made with polycarbonate plastic for a robust, shatter proof glass. The 1 litre steins also have additional room above the 1 litre line to ensure the perfect amount of white, foamy head is present to give you and your friends the taste experience your Oktoberfest event deserves!

Stein Glass Hire Kent would be nothing without top quality German beer! At Mobile Bar Hire we stock a range of German beer in kegs which will ensure your guests are treated to an outstanding beer. Currently available in our portfolio are Lowenbrau, a premium German lager and is one of the brewers at the original Munich Oktoberfest; Erdinger Weissbier, a sublime tasting alternative for non-lager drinkers with an aroma of banana and clove leading to a malty, almost lemongrass taste. All of our German kegs are hired with branded taps, coolers and the appropriate gas bottles for the perfect pour every time!

Organising an Oktoberfest party can be stressful, so just enjoy the night! Allow our trained bartenders to keep an eye over proceedings and ensure your guests always have a drink in hand

.For more information on how Stein Glass Hire Kent can increase the experience had by your guests at your Oktoberfest event, contact a member of our bookings team today.

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