As you know, at Mobile Bar hire, we are always keen to learn of innovative uses for drinks. But, this usually refers to cocktails and scrumptious, boozy dishes.

However, we were intrigued to learn about a new project involving Manchester University. According to the uni, they are using red wine to create the next generation of wearable tech. But, how are the two connected?

Well, scientists are apparently developing flexible fibres by adding acids from red wine into the mix, saying that tannic acid (from wine) to help create more durable, flexible materials.

Utilising their winning formula, the team have apparently mastered capacitive breath sensors and artificial hands. Working on all types of products, using these properties of wine is expected to result in long-lasting integrated technology.

Dr Xuqing Liu who led the research team said: “We are using this method to develop new flexible, breathable, wearable devices. The main research objective of our group is to develop comfortable wearable devices for flexible human-machine interface.

“Traditional conductive material suffers from weak bonding to the fibers which can result in low conductivity. When red wine, or coffee, or black tea, is spilled on a dress, it’s difficult to get rid of these stains. The main reason is that they all contain tannic acid, which can firmly adsorb the material on the surface of the fiber. This good adhesion is exactly what we need for durable wearable, conductive devices.”

Though a great deal of the techy talk goes over our heads, we do not doubt that these scientists are on to something great!

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