The ‘pop up’ culture has spread quickly across the UK in recent years with a range of shops, events and festivals being held in temporary arenas in some of the trendiest locations. One of the most common pop up styles is that of the pop up shop. These shops often fill empty retail outlets on high streets and shopping centres to showcase their unique products and services without having to invest in long term contracts. As Pop Up Shop Counter Hire the name suggests, the install will not be forever and therefore those opening the outlets will need to take advantage of temporary structures which fit with their theme and budget. This is where our Pop Up Shop Counter Hire service will help to enhance your display options as well as being perfect for use as a cash desk.

At Mobile Bar Hire we have a range of options in our Pop Up Shop Counter Hire service that will not only benefit different industries and products but will also help fit whatever budget you may have. From elegant Chesterfield leather counters and white bars to fun and funky LED counters, Mobile Bar Hire will ensure our equipment does not look out of place!

One of the most sought after aspects of our Pop Up Shop Counter Hire service is the option of branding. Brand exposure is a huge part of pop up culture as it is essentially getting your product or service to the masses for a short period of time. With such a short window to make an impression, ensuring your mark is available for all to see is essential and we can have your logo or company name printed onto the front of your counter to ensure maximum effect.

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