The whole botanical and eco-friendly vibe has been well and truly embraced by us Brits, with everyone now trying their hardest to spend more time outdoors embracing the glorious country we live in.  

This has had a direct impact on the events industry, with more and more people deciding to host events such as weddings, music festivals, food festivals, birthday parties and corporate events in the great outdoors. This is why today, we at Mobile Bar Hire thought we would give the planners amongst our readers a hand, exploring the top things to consider when planning an event outdoors.  


While you may have a remote location in mind that you can dress in a creative manner, you will need to think about accessibility. So, put some thoughts into transport links as well as parking, making sure the guests that want to attend can get to the destination and enjoy themselves with ease.  


Electricity is something that we take for granted, something that we just expect to be there. However, when planning an outdoor get-together, you may find yourself in a position where you need to source your own. So, before signing off on any venue, be sure to check the electricity access or explore the many rental options out there.  

The all-important bar  

Whether planning the wedding of the year, the annual office bash or an outdoor birthday celebration, to make it one to remember, you will need a bar. With great drinks being the making of a good event, outdoor bars need to be carefully planned and executed.  

This is something we at Mobile Bar Hire can help you with, being the UK’s first port of call for outdoor bar hire. Boasting all the equipment and experience needed, we can create a range of bar styles and sizes to suit all sorts of events.  

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