New Years Eve, a joyous occasion spent with your nearest and dearest celebrating a year of great memories and bringing in many new ones to come. There are many ways which this can be celebrated – from the humble house get together to a full blown party in a venue of your choice. Mobile Bar Hire have a range of services within our New Years Eve Bar Hire package to suit functions of all sizes and with a range of budgets. New Years Eve Bar Hire | Party Bar Rental

Firstly in our New Years Eve Bar Hire package is the bar choice. Our roster of counters includes budget bars through to our fully colour changing LED cocktail bars and ice bars. Also available are a range of themed bars including rustic and tiki-style counters. Not only can we provide you with a well finished bar counter but a range of bar equipment including back bars, fridges, draught beer taps and sundries.

No New Years Eve party is complete without a range of premium drinks. Our New Years Eve Bar Hire packages allow you to choose from an extensive range of draught beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and cocktail ingredients. So, whether you tipple of choice is a pint of Peroni or a well-mixed mojito, Mobile Bar Hire can provide what you need.

Having your guests in safe hands is a real bonus and our New Years Eve Bar Hire can provide just that. Our bartenders can serve drinks to your guests throughout the night, keeping them entertained and happy – leaving you to enjoy the festivities and bring in the New Year in style! Not looking for a full New Years Eve Bar Hire? We can provide you with a range of kegs to suit your taste from ale casks to craft beers.

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