Whether you are throwing a Christmas party to celebrate a great year at university or looking to throw a product launch that will stick in the minds of potential buyers, putting on an event to remember can be great fun. Great guests, great entertainment and great food are a sure-fire way to ensure your event goes off with a bang but to really stand out you must offer an eclectic drinks range and service options. Ice Bar Hire from Mobile Bar Hire is a service which can be used all year round in a range of venues throughout the UK and your function could benefit. Ice Bar Hire | Corporate Event Bars London | Univeristy Ball Bar Counters

Mobile Bar Hire have provided our Ice Bar Hire services to private and corporate clients throughout the country for a range of functions. One thing that these events had in common was the stunning aesthetic of the bar counter – whether it had branding etched or event carved into the physical ice structure. All of these counter types come with LED lighting to enhance the look and feel and can be hired on their own or with our well-trained bartenders and drinks.

Nothing will beat your guests coming up to a bar counter made of ice and having a well-mixed martini served to them from it. To ensure our Ice Bar Hire is one to remember, our bartenders can also be hired to serve and converse with your guests to keep them in the festive spirits throughout! All our staff members have been fully trained and keep with the attire of your prestigious events with formal wear.
Ice Bar Hire does not have to just include the bar and staff, Mobile Bar Hire can also provide a range of premium drinks. Whether you need gin and vermouth for a classic martini or whisky for an Old Fashioned, we can supply your needs.

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