Are you a Lager Fan?
Fancy draught beer at home?
Well here it is – The Blade!

Available for you to serve Heineken or Birra Moretti. Heineken at home is an all in one beer machine allows the perfect pint to be served in the comfort of your own home. Previous beer tap set ups involved a large beer cooler and gas cylinders etc. This one is a very simple ‘Plug and Pour’. Each keg holds approx 14 pints and the machine comes complete with a temperature gauge. This allows you to know when is the ideal time to pour a pint. The display on the front of the machine allows you to monitor how much beer is left in the keg. Just in case you need to change it.

About the dispenser:

The Heineken Blade Beer Machine, is a very modern looking machine which has been designed with a great deal of attention and thought, the keg itself has LED lighting round the glass bowl. Which allows the keg to be lit up when in use. Heineken at home has a long shelf life on even the open kegs this Blade machine is the perfect device for every beer lover.
One of the biggest advantages of this machine is that there is almost NO cleaning involved in having the machine. The only thing you need to clean (every now and then – is the drip tray.

The keg comes complete with its own plastic tube which when slotted into the machine forms part of the tap.

So if it’s your birthday party, wedding reception or simply a family gathering at home, the Heineken Blade is a must have when it comes to draught beer at home.

If you would like to know more about the Heineken Blade and the great offers we are currently running on it – simply contact a member of our sales team.

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