Planning a wedding is regarded as one of the most stressful tasks we face in life, with so much to think about and organise. This is especially the case if you are working with a a traditional theme.

Here at Mobile Bar Hire, we have been lucky enough to work will all sorts of brides and grooms, supplying stunning wedding bars for their traditional dos.

This is how we know what does and does not work when it comes to drinks menus, having served our fair share of drinks at high-end weddings.

So, if you are researching what drinks to serve at your traditional weddings, below are a few ideas from us!


While many argue that Prosecco is just as tasty as champagne, wedding days call for the real thing. Great for toasting and the all-important Welcome Drinks, Champagne and weddings go hand in hand.

Gin and Tonic

With most wedding celebrations taking place in the summer months, serving refreshing beverages is advised. And, there is no drink more thirst-quenching than the humble G&T.

Gin is very much on trend at the moment also, being the UK’s most-enjoyed spirit!


Craft ale is also a drink that has risen in popularity in recent times, especially amongst millennial drinkers.

What we at Mobile Bar Hire have noticed is brides and grooms choosing to serve local craft beers at their wedding receptions.

Wedding bar hire

If you are looking to hire a bar for your upcoming wedding or for a wedding you are planning for someone else, we would love to help.

Contact us today for more details on our wedding bar counter solutions. Coming in all shapes and sizes, we can cater to pretty much any request put our way!

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