Kent, also known as the Garden of England, brews some of the best beers available in the UK and this is thanks to the current craft beer revolution sweeping the country. One reason Kent is such an enthusiastic brewer of great craft beers is the fact they have the Kent Goldings hop growing right in their back garden! Kent Goldings are used primarily for a great aroma although have a sweet, smooth taste. It is this love of great beer that has led Mobile Bar Hire to provide our Craft Beer Bars Kent service to enable not just Kentish beers, but UK wide craft beers to be available in any venue. Craft Beer Bars Kent

Craft Beer Bars Kent are designed to fit into any venue and any theme. It is this fact that means Mobile Bar Hire provide a range of portable bar counters to serve from including wooden bars, LED bars, branded bars and mirror bars. The style of bar chosen will suit your venue and will ensure practicality as all of our counters are for use in both indoors and outdoor situations. Dependant on which beer styles you wish to have on your bar within our Craft Beer Bars Kent service, Mobile Bar Hire can have certain brewery logos printed onto the front of your counter for that added effect.

Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular as consumers are no longer looking for the best price; they are looking for the best taste. Craft Beer Bars Kent includes a variety of brews from within Kent including Kent Brewery, Bexley Brewery, Caveman Brewery and Mad Cat Brewery. Not only can we provide these breweries offerings, but a UK wide selection including Meantime Brewery, Camden Town Brewery and Brewdog. All forms can be provided such as craft lagers, pale ales, saisons, porters and more.

Bartenders to pour your beers are imperative within our Craft Beer Bars Kent service and that is why Mobile Bar Hire provide our knowledgeable staff. Allow them to talk you through the different beer styles, ABVs and breweries available to help you come to an informed choice when selecting your brew.

Bar equipment rounds off your bespoke craft beer bar. From the correct dispense tap to ice and sundries, our equipment increases the functionality of your bar whilst ensuring it looks the part. To enquire further regarding our Craft Beer Bars Kent, please get in touch with a member of our bookings team for more information.

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