Community Centre Bar Hire

There are a wide range of venues across the UK including hotels, function rooms, cathedrals and marquees. Another extremely popular choice for those looking for a venue is a community centre!

Community centres are great for many reasons. One of those reasons is that most community centres are inexpensive. Another reason is that community centres are less likely to limit you from using third party suppliers. That’s is why we offer community centre bar hire.

However, there can be a downside to hiring a community centre. Such as the fact that the centre may not be licensed for the sale of alcohol. But that doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t enjoy your favourite tipples! That’s where our team at Mobile Bar Hire step in to ensure that your party goes off with a bang.

If you’re looking at offering your guests a cash bar, community centre bar hire can take all of the stress. By doing everything including applying for a license. A cash bar means that guests will go up to your mobile bar and buy drinks during the event. However, a tab can be put behind the bar so that your guests can drink a certain amount for free.

We are also proud to offer you a free bar service. This enables your guests to drink for free for the duration of your event. You (as the hirer) simply pay a price per head before your event. This includes everything that you need to turn a regular community centre into a full bar experience.

Many community centres have a small kitchen area with a serving hatch. However, it’s understandable why everyone may not feel comfortable serving their drinks from a makeshift bar. This is why we offer you the chance to hire just the bar counter. We ensure that you have a clean, professional serving counter which is sure to impress your guests. We have several different styles of bar which are versatile enough to fit into any venue.

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