While beer has for centuries been associated with stereotypical male traits, over the years, beer has become a lot less male-focused, marketed to women, younger drinkers; pretty much everyone!

Being in progressive times, we were thrilled to hear the news of Budweiser’s new campaign. Called ‘Fly the Flag’, the beer brand is focused on marketing and championing all groups in the LGBT community, ‘giving everyone the chance to shine’. Working closely with a range of charities, including BiPride UK, The Mix, Transpals, Switchboard, London Friend, Metro Charity, AVEN and Blackout UK, Budweiser has launched a collection of rainbow cups. While the rainbow has been a symbol for gay pride for many years, Budweiser felt it didn’t represent all groups that come under the LGBT umbrella. This is why each cup will sport a different coloured rainbow, each representing a different group within the LGBT community. For instance, the ‘asexual cup’ is made up of grey colours.

Martina Isella, Senior Brand Manager at Budweiser, said: “For everyone at Pride, Flying your Flag means something different. Each person and community has different plights, fights and triumphs.

“Pride is a time for people to be proud and have freedom of expression, and this is what Budweiser as a brand is all about. We wanted to create a campaign in partnership with all the people that make up the wider LGBT+ community in mind, and we worked closely with our friends at Pride in London to ensure that this campaign was as relevant to as many as possible.”

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