Cool events are cropping up throughout the UK but Mobile Bar Hire have a sure-fire way to make sure your next function truly is �cool� � Branded Ice Bar Counter Rental. New and exciting venues are allowing event Branded Ice Bar Counter Rental organisers to easily dress them in a way which will keep their guests in awe throughout the function. However, one area which can always be expressed in a unique manner is the bar counter itself � it will be hard to beat being served your favourite cocktail from a bar created from solid ice!

One of the major aspects of our Branded Ice Bar Counter Rental is the customisable nature of the frontage. Two design options are available where you can have your name, company logo or favourite pattern either etched or physically carved into ice. Our counters will never leave a mess thanks to the trays which the bar sits in to catch any excess water but are themselves adorned in flowers and greenery to ensure a pleasing look throughout.

Additions to our Branded Ice Bar Counter Rental services include the fun and sleek ice luge. Sitting a meter high, pour your drink through an ice sculpture and catch it in your glass at the bottom � some fun to be had no matter what the event! All other bar equipment can also be hired from Mobile Bar Hire to ensure your bar is functional as well as beautifully designed � fridges, back bars and cocktail mixing equipment are just some of what we can provide.

Topping off our Branded Ice Bar Counter Rental is the inclusion of drinks and bartenders. If you wish for us to run your bar with our professional staff and premium drinks, we can provide this on a cash or free bar basis � or begin with a tab and run into a cash bar once this is ended!

All our services can be tailored to your function, so allow us to make your next event truly special.
For any more information on our Branded Ice Bar Counter Rental, get in touch with our sales team.

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