Mobile Bar Hire’s cocktail mixologists are some of the best in the country. Having worked in top establishments throughout the world, these members of our cocktail team can transform your event with their extensive knowledge of a variety of cocktails. Not only can they whip up the classics; experimental beverages are their forte – they can even tailor make a cocktail for your event, such as a Mr and Mrs for a wedding or a 21st Birthday cocktail.

We can also hire out our cocktail bars to you, ensuring that our mixologists and flairers have an appropriate place to mix their cocktails. We have a few different bars for your selection, which includes simple bars such as our Plain Black Cocktail Bar, as well as bars that are a bit more energetic, such as our LED Bar, which comes in two different variants: curved and straight. Another variant we have is the metal front bar, which gives a certain aesthetic that may be useful in particular locations – such as exhibitions and the like.

If you are interested in hiring any of Mobile Bar Hire’s cocktail bar staff or cocktail bars, please get in contact with a member of our customer service team.



Whether you be organising an 18th birthday party, a Christmas party, or any other form of event; bar staff would be a wise investment as they would allow you and your guests to have a more professional and therefore enjoyable experience. Cocktails are going to be a much-loved addition to many events, and in these events, cocktail staff will be a must. Not only are they able to provide a higher quality of cocktail than those untrained in their profession, but they also ensure that any hosts of the event are not stuck working behind the mobile bar, and are free to enjoy the party with their guests.

In some situations – such as birthdays and other private events – a flairer may be an amazing addition. Flairers can provide another level of entertainment for your event, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable time for all attendees, guests and hosts alike. Mobile Bar Hire’s flairers can be the finishing touch for many events, and can help to ensure that the event goes smoothly, professionally and enjoyably. Flairers would be a particularly good idea in environments in which a lot of energy may be preferable – such as an 18th or 21st birthday party.

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