To some, a vegan lifestyle may mean limited options for boozy beverages. But this is far from true! What the most sceptical don’t realise is the array of vegan cocktails on offer without cutting corners on new and exciting flavours.

Here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we provide something for everybody. Whether you’re at a summer party with friends or at a works do, you can still enjoy your favourite cocktails with your vegan lifestyle. Here’s some vegan inspired ideas to continue a healthy regime and still and enjoy the gathering!

Gin and Fizz Cocktail

Prosecco and Gin lovers rejoice, this boozy concoction mixes the bubbles of prosecco with the smooth flavours of gin. Whether you go down the route of pink prosecco with an equally blush pink gin, or a botanical flavour teamed with bubbly, this is a perfect party pleaser!

Summer Breeze/Tequila Sunrise

This refreshing cocktail can bring back summer even in the colder months. Featuring tequila, orange juice, citron flavours and grenadine (made from currants and pomegranates), this fruity drink can sweeten up any event for vegans and non-vegans alike!

Strawberry Mojito (with a twist)

Mojitos consist of mint, rum and lime juice, but can be mixed together with strawberries for a sweet hit. For a twist, ask to add pomegranate juice to your cocktail at the bar. A delicious, definite must-try!

Cucumber Gin and tonic

Order a regular gin and tonic made to your tastes, but ask the bartender to slice up some cucumber and line the glass. The refreshing, low calorie concoction makes a change from your usual G&T!


Yes, you read that right. Bartenders are more than happy to create beverages to your taste and are willing to go above and beyond, so everyone gets their perfect drink. Just ask for a blend of whiskey, coffee and dairy alternatives (our personal favourite is almond milk). The alternatives to milk are so vast, you won’t be short on choice!

Here at Mobile Bar Hire, we believe the vegan lifestyle shouldn’t mean less choice at parties and events. We cater for all your dietary needs, and our skilled barmen are happy to make to order!

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