As we have covered in many of our previous blogs, the food and drink industry in the UK is going to great lengths to operate in an eco-friendly manner. From ditching plastic to using local produce where possible, drinks companies, bars, restaurants and all types of hospitality brands are being credited for their new focus.

However, Absolut is a vodka brand that seems to be outshining the lot of us. Being named ‘Planet Earth’s Favourite Vodka’, Absolut is taking its sustainability responsibilities rather seriously.

Recycled glass

Renowned for its impressive glass bottles, Absolut are particularly passionate about where they get their glass from. According to a recent interview with company representative, de Beauregard, they are using around 40-46 percent recycled glass. This is a statistic de said they’re working to increase

“Not everything is perfect, we are improving, we are pushing everyday… We are improving that as much as we can, knowing there’s a limited supply [of glass], so there’s only so much we can do.”

Giving back to the environment

Having worked with a small collection of farmers to produce their wheat for many years, Absolut are also insistent that the farmers give back to the environment. One way they achieve this is by nurturing wild flowers in the fields in between the wheat. These are grown in order to help pollinators like bees.

“It cost us a little bit, but we think it’s better that we do it they said.

Sustainable bar hire

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