Mobile Bar Hire is the UK’s largest mobile bar provider, with offices in South London, Cardiff and Birmingham. On their 10th anniversary in 2012, Boris Johnson visited their main warehouse in South London and put up a plaque. The company provide mobile bar counters, bar staff, bar equipment and more. One thing that MBH receives a lot of enquiries for is draught beer dispensing equipment. It has become apparent to the team that more and more people are looking to have draught beer in the comfort of their own home or chosen venue.

That’s why was created. Part of the MBH group, Party Pumps specialises in draught beer dispensing equipment for private parties and events. With no need for gas or electricity, it’s a simple, safe and effective option that anyone can use!

Party Pumps were originally sourcing parts that had been manufactured in Europe. However, as Brexit come into play, it was immediately evident that their was rather a lot of uncertainty surrounding importing goods from European countries. This is when the company’s director looked into obtaining samples from countries in Asia such as China and India.

After receiving samples from both, it was decided that India was more favourable. The team at Party Pumps believed that this would be a step forward with there being so many concerns surrounding Brexit including the pricing of taxes and tariffs. If the company were importing from India, they had a clear price for this and didn’t have to be so apprehensive towards finding out what would happen within Europe.


One of Party Pumps’ directors, Rags Sandhu,  visited the factory in India that manufacturers these draught beer dispensers. At the factory, he saw the production line as well as more high quality products that they can supply. After having a look around, there were a series of detailed, lengthy meetings. These meetings resulted in the director signing an exclusive contract for sole distribution across the whole of the UK for their products. The contract also enables Party Pumps to have tailor-made products for whatever they may need.

Before signing this contract, the route to the market was incredibly long. The parts would be sent from India to Italy. From Italy, the parts would then be sent to Middlesex where they would then be sent to Party Pumps’ warehouse in South London. From the warehouse, they are then assembled and sent out to the customer. By signing the contract, Party Pumps are diminishing this long process. It also makes it cheaper for the customer and gives them better value for money as Party Pumps can charge a lot less due to buying the products directly from the main source.

In a statement Mr Sandhu said “Sadly the uncertainty of Brexit has meant that we’ve had to look elsewhere to meet the needs of the market place. A positive that has come out of this is that our costs are now reduced which obviously means better value for money for our customers. I feel that Mrs May is stuck between a ‘rock and a hard place’, delivering Brexit was always going to be a hard task but the support of the MP’s would have helped a fast and smooth exit. Personally I feel that the whole drama of the entire process has made British business’s a laughing stock throughout the world – its a shame!”

This has been a huge step forward for the team at Party Pumps who believe that this contract really is the way forward considering that there is so much unpredictability surrounding Brexit.

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