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Just some of the men and women who make Mobile Bar Hire!

Avtar Sandhu MBE Mobile Bar Hire

Avtar Sandhu MBE (Top Man)

Happy-go-lucky kind of guy
Enjoys a glass of single malt whisky
First Indian Mayor of Dartford
Nicknamed Del Boy

Stephen Barrett

Self proclaimed craft beer geek - even brews his own
Would live half the year in Greece and the other in Ireland if he could
Dreams of opening a craft beer bar in Greenwich
Favourite word: Slainte!

Stephen Barrett Mobile Bar Hire

Sukh Sandhu Mobile Bar Hire

Sukh Sandhu

Wants to travel the world one day
Would love Porn Star Martini on tap!
Married to an ex-Mayor of Dartford
Idolises her Dad

Ann Bennett

Addicted to Honey Jack Daniels
Longs to have a farm full of chickens, dogs, pigs, horses and an orchard
Is Black Sabbath a guilty pleasure?
Makes the magazine for Robot Wars live shows

Ann Bennett Mobile Bar Hire

Jan Chatten Mobile Bar Hire

Jan Chatten

Rags Sandhu

Used to run a burger bar
A strong believer in the fact there is more to life than money
Loves a drop of spiced rum or single malt whisky
Dreams of living in the Bahamas

Ragbhir Sandhu Mobile Bar Hire

Jack Kerr Mobile Bar Hire

Jack Kerr

Loves a Thursday night out on the town
Claims he can hypnotise chickens
Spiced rum and lemonade is his go-to tipple
Lives by the motto 'never give up, always believe'

William Malingan

Guilty pleasure is Oreos and Kinder Buenos
Able to down a pint in less than 6 seconds (verified!)
Can be found sipping Old Fashioned cocktails on the weekend
Addicted to his comfy bed

William Malingan Mobile Bar Hire

Bal Sandhu Mobile Bar Hire

Bal Sandhu

Determined to live in Australia
Mango juice or no juice!
Has a weakness for cheesecake
Live and let live


The closest thing I have to an additions is an obsession with Nandos!!!!!

Would like to travel the world and volunteer in a town to help victims of war.

I would like to think that I always have a smile on my face, which would hopefully make other people around me feel positive too!

Guilty pleasure - Kronenbourg!

Flori Mobile Bar Hire
Ant Mobile Bar Hire


Aspires to have a helicopter license
Prides himself on finding a solution in any situation
Can talk fluent Pig Latin
Can't get enough of gin and tonic with lime cordial



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